What happens if I placed an order without having the enough funds?

If you do not have enough funds, we will immediately queue the order and make a direct deposit to your bank for the amount needed. Once the deposit clears (usually takes 2 - 3 business days). we will place your order automatically on midday of the coming market open day.

What is the difference of queueing and placing an order?

Placing is when we submit an order to our brokerage partner. Queueing is an internal system that automatically place order when you have enough cleared funds. You can queue multiple orders back-to-back and they will be handled in the order that it was queued.

The order bought more than what I specified, whats going on?

We use real-time pricing when placing an order to our brokerage partners, however due to market flucuation sometimes the trade will costs more. This don't happen very often but trading penny stocks in high quantity is especially susceptible.

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