Autoinvest automates your investing, so that you can invest with simplicity and ease. You choose the amount, frequency, and shares you want to invest in, and set your Autoinvest strategy to suit your needs. It’s the easiest set-and-forget strategy for both beginners and experienced investors.

With Autoinvest you can determine if you want to deposit and invest immediately or once your deposits reach a certain value.

Regular deposits that are invested immediately are recommended for investors who want to invest a larger amount of money (about $2000+), or who prefer to enter the market sooner regardless of brokerage fee.

Whereas, regular deposits that are invested when a certain value is reached is recommended for investors who want to make regular smaller deposits and then invest a lump sum once they reach a specific threshold.

Once set up, you can edit or deactivate your Autoinvest at any time. To set yours up, click here.

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