Your Pearler account is only able to be associated with one Holder Identification Number (HIN).

If you own stocks with another broker, you are able to transfer the shares from that HIN to your Pearler HIN via our “Transfer Shares” button on the Portfolio. If you are transferring shares between HINs of the same entity type (e.g. both are individual accounts), then Pearler does not charge any transfer fees.

If you are transferring shares from a HIN owned by a different entity type as your Pearler HIN (e.g. transferring from a joint account to an individual account), then a $20 charge per-share will be incurred to your account.

If you would like to bring your current HIN (with another broker) over to your pearler account, that is functionality that is not currently available. We're working to make this functionality available in the future.

If your shares are not held under a HIN at your other broker, but instead held under a custodial arrangement, in most cases, you can still transfer them. Simply enter '0000000000' as the HIN number then when you fill out the form write at the top of the form the name of your other broker and your customer number or identifying information. Please ensure your name exactly matches the name under which your shares are held with that broker.

If you are trying to simply list your shares from another broker on Pearler to track them, this is not a feature that we currently offer at the moment.

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