Usable cash: Sum of your cleared + clearing funds where you can use to queue an order on our platform.
Available cash: Your cleared funds where you can withdraw or immediately use to place an order.
Autoinvest cash: A separate pool of funds exclusively used by our autoinvest feature, you can manually contribute money into this pool to trigger autoinvest earlier.

Usable and Available cash FAQ

How do i make deposit/withdraw/transfers?

You can do so via the transfer page, accessible via the portfolio page.

What happens when you make a deposit?

When you deposit money into Pearler, your usable will go up immediately but the available cash won’t increase until the deposit finishes processing. (It roughly takes 2-3 days for money to clear)

What happens when you make a withdrawal?

When you withdraw money from Pearler, your available and usable will both go down immediately.

Queueing vs Placing an order?

We can only place an order using funds that has been cleared (Available)
But we've made it simpler for people by allowing them to queue orders with clearing funds (Usable), these orders will be placed automatically when the funds have cleared.

What happens when you queue/place an order?

When you queue/place an order, both your available and usable will go down immediately. If the order amount is larger than usable, we will make a direct deposit to cover for the leftover amount.

Autoinvest cash FAQ

Autoinvest cash are funds used exclusively by our autoinvest feature. This ensures that if you manually deposit money into your Pearler account, it will not be automatically used by autoinvest unless you explicitly transferred into autoinvest cash.

Other important notes about reserved funds include:

  • When your autoinvest deposits funds into your Pearler account, they will automatically be placed into autoinvest cash

  • When an autoinvest makes a purchase of shares, any leftover funds will remain in your autoinvest cash

  • If you transfer money from available cash into autoinvest cash, you may reach your autoinvest target sooner and therefore trigger your regular investment(s) sooner.

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