A 'share registry' is an organisation that, on behalf of a company, manages the registry of shareholders for that company. The registry has the following responsibilities:

  • Recording changes in share ownership

  • Issuing shareholding statements

  • Manages dividend payments, bonuses and rights issues.

You will need to visit the website of the share registry and create an account in order to instruct them on how to treat your dividends, as well as other corporate actions. Brokers, such as Pearler, do not manage this for you.

There are three main share registry companies in Australia - Computershare, BoardRoom Limited and Link Market Services.

Typically, ETF managers will use the same share registry for all their listed funds.

To find the share registry for a particular company, go to:

www.asx.com.au > Markets > Prices and Research > Company Directory > Search for a company by code or name in the search bar > select the company, once the page has been returned, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can use the ASX Share Registry Search tool.

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