Pearler uses an off-the-shelf product known as DigitalID (created by Australia Post) to verify identities. Pearler does not handle any identity documents directly, as they are provided to DigitalID.

After you provide information about your ID to DigitalID, if they can successfully verify you then Pearler is notified of this successful verification, along with your name, DOB, and address for us to pass onto our integration partners to allow you to invest with Pearler.

Currently, DigitalID only allows for the ID verification of Australian residents or Visa holders.

If you aren't able to verify yourself via Digital ID, then at this point in time Pearler is unable to open your account with us. However, this issue is only due to our small (but rapidly growing) size! As we expand throughout 2021 and into 2022 there will be more capabilities provided to allow an even broader array of users to become customers.

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