Pearler has no minimum order size. However, customers should consider the fact that with our $9.50 flat brokerage fee, that the smaller an order is, the higher proportion you'll be paying in fees with respect to the total investment value.

Some brokers have minimum first orders of $500. Why doesn't Pearler?

We don't have a minimum, because Pearler is comfortable with you choosing the investment size that is right for you. However, please note that most market participants and registries generally consider volumes of shares less than $500 to be unmarketable parcels. Things to consider in relation to this include:

  • Usually it's not possible to transfer less than $500 of shares between brokers

  • If you hold less than $500 of shares for more than 12 months, certain registries may deem this as unmarketable and contact you in relation to you selling out your positions

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